Botox & Fillers

The Bare Solutions provides Botox treatments that create a natural softening and reduction of dynamic wrinkles.  However, you will still have the ability to express yourself with your face. We target only the muscles that contribute to the wrinkles we want to treat avoiding that “frozen face” look.


Using very concentrated and specifically targeted injections, we provide a very comfortable and natural-appearing treatment. We do not want to change your face, we only want to uncover and enhance your natural beauty.

We also use hyaluronic acid based fillers to soften moderate to severe wrinkles.  We may also use them to contour and shape your face. Again, our goal is to uncover and enhance your natural beauty, not to turn you into someone you are not.  You will still be you! You will continue to maintain your natural movements and your normal appearance. But, with a reduction in wrinkles.