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Laser Hair Removal

We use the EpiLaze Hair Reduction Laser for our Ultimate Solution for Hair Reduction.  The EpiLaze contains the 3 “Gold Standard” laser wavelengths  (755 Alexandrite, 810 Diode and 1064 nd-Yag) that can permanently reduce and remove unwanted body hair and facial hair on all types of skin.


Frequently asked questions:


Is Laser Hair Reduction Safe?


The EpiLaze Laser is FDA Cleared for permanent hair reduction on all skin types including light, fair skin, olive skin and African American skin. The EpiLaze can remove/reduce dark, coarse hair and dark fine hair.  Blonde, white and gray hair should not be treated.


What Can I Expect During the Treatment?


The EpiLaze features built-in contact cooling that cools the treatment area before, during and after the treatment.  Therefore, most patients experience little to no discomfort during the treatment.  However, depending on the thickness of the hair, some patients may feel a warm sting (similar to a rubber band against their skin) as the laser energy penetrates into the hair follicle.


What Area on the Body Can Be Treated?


The EpiLaze Laser can quickly, safely and effectively remove or reduce unwanted body hair on all areas of the body including the face, chin, upper lip, back, chest, arms, legs, bikini and Brazilian areas.


How Many Treatments are Required?


Hair follicles in the “growth stage” respond to laser hair reduction.  Not all follicles are active at the same time.  To achieve the maximum result, most patients normally require 4-8 sessions.  The treatment sessions are spread out every few weeks depending on the area that is being treated.


What is the Recovery for Laser Hair Reduction?


Depending on the area treated, some swelling or irritation may occur.  However, most treatments have little to no downtime and few side effects.

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