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Maureen D'Ambrosio, C.T., C.L.T.

Co-Founder, Cosmetic Therapist & Certified Laser Technician

Maureen D’Ambrosio is one of our Cosmetic Therapists and Certified Laser Technicians.  Maureen has been practicing in Northeast Ohio for a number of years.  She has also worked in health care services for Kaiser Permanente and HealthSpan for most of her working career.  The Bare Solutions business opportunity was a chance to endeavor on a new career adventure with her sister, brother-in-law and daughter.


The Bare Solutions family helps clients enjoy a safe environment as they enhance their natural beauty, both inside and out.  Maureen enjoys what she does and strives to make everyone’s experience a “feel good” moment for the entire encounter. 


Maureen enjoys cooking gourmet meals and desserts for family during the holidays.  She also enjoys walking on trails with her husband and boating in the summer.  Maureen resides in Cleveland.  She is a wife and proud mother of two young women.  Family is her happy place.

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