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Wrinkle Relaxers

Neurotoxin injectables temporarily help relax the muscles in the face to soften the dynamic fine lines and wrinkles.  These are most often used on forehead lines, the glabella area (11's) and crow’s feet around the eyes.  


The Bare Solutions offers Botox and Dysport treatments that create a natural softening and reduction of dynamic wrinkles.  However, you will still have the ability to express yourself with your face. We target only the muscles that contribute to the wrinkles we want to treat avoiding that “frozen face” look.


Using very concentrated and specifically targeted injections, we provide a very comfortable and natural-appearing treatment. We do not want to change your face, we only want to uncover and enhance your natural beauty.

We participate in both the Alle (Allergan) and Aspire (Galderma) Rewards Programs offering saving to our clients.  All you need to do is sign up for the programs to unlock significant savings on their products.  Click on the images to the right to be directed to the company's website to sign up for these reward programs.  You may also use the QR codes to get the apps on your cell phones.

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