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Bare Solutions

Developing individualized plans as a team WITH our clients to UNCOVER AND ENHANCE their NATURAL BEAUTY. Click to learn more or arrange an appointment.



Skin Care Program

The Bare Solutions Skincare Program is definitely a program worth joining.

For a reasonable monthly membership fee, multiple skincare modalities are used to focus on your skincare concerns and improve your overall skin health and appearance.  Our program will help improve your skin making it smooth, firm, tight, hydrated, tolerant, and evenly colored.


Each month, clients come into our office for one of our treatments included in the program.



Laser Hair Removal

We use the EpiLaze Hair Reduction Laser for our Ultimate Solution for Hair Reduction.  The EpiLaze contains the 3 “Gold Standard” laser wavelengths  (755 Alexandrite, 810 Diode and 1064 nd-Yag) that can permanently reduce and remove unwanted body hair and facial hair on all types of skin.




Whether you have dynamic wrinkles or static permanent wrinkles, our providers are able to help soften these unwanted signs of aging with our wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. Our goal is to uncover and enhance your natural beauty, not to turn you into someone you are not. You will still be you. You will continue to maintain your natural movements and your normal appearance. But with a reduction in wrinkles. We use Botox and Dysport for dynamic wrinkles.

We use Restylane and Juvederm family of fillers for permanent wrinkles and folds. We also participate in the Alle and Aspire Rewards programs.


The Bare Solutions

About Us

The Bare Solutions is a collaborative group that strives to uncover and enhance your natural beauty through multiple innovative aesthetic modalities.  Our goal is to develop an individualized treatment plan in a safe and tranquil environment under the careful guidance of certified and trained medical professionals.  We aspire to create a close and lifelong relationship with our patients. In order to do this, we utilize a tailored approach through in-depth consultations, education and open communication to provide our clients with treatments and information that are essential to enrich their enduring, natural beauty. Set up a consultation today!


Our Services


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Eileen is absolutely amazing. If you’re considering laser hair removal, quit saying one day and check them out!! She’s so friendly and sweet, she made me feel totally comfortable. Love her!!

Greta U., Alliance, Ohio
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