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Bare Solutions December Botox and Dysport Special

  • The Bare Solutions is offering Botox and Dysport at a phenomenally discounted price - 25% off.
    ONLY $10.50 per unit for Botox
    ONLY $3.50 per unit for Dysport
    while supplies last!
    This price will not last forever.
    This price will only be honored if bought and injected during the month of December.
    And, only while our supply lasts!

  • Typical number of units required for:
    Forehead = 24 units Botox / 72 units Dysport = $252
    11’s = 20 units Botox / 60 units Dysport = $210
    Crow’s Feet = 24 units Botox / 72 units Dysport = $252
    Get all 3 areas above (68 units Botox / 204 units Dysport)
    for only $680 (that’s only $10 per unit for Botox and $3.33 per unit for Dysport)

  • Call 216.777.2273 or "BOOK NOW!" above to make an appointment today



The Bare Solutions uses the industry's highest standard of products. What makes us stand out, though, these industry standard products paired with our experienced medical staff that you will find nowhere else. 

To find out more information about these products, please click on the image.



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For any inquiries, questions or requests for a consultation, please call: 216-777-BARE or fill out the following form and we will reach out.

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Our Location

17900 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 103

Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Tel: 216-777-BARE or 216-777-2273 


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The Bare Solutions is a collaborative group that strives to uncover and enhance your natural beauty through multiple innovative aesthetic modalities.  Our goal is to develop an individualized treatment plan in a safe and tranquil environment under the careful guidance of certified and trained medical professionals.  We aspire to create a close and lifelong relationship with our patients. In order to do this, we utilize a tailored approach through in-depth consultations, education and open communication to provide our clients with treatments and information that are essential to enrich their enduring, natural beauty. Set up a consultation today!

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